How to request special assistance at Brussels Airport?

More information about special assistance to People with Reduced Mobility

The degree of special assistance and escort depends on your request and specific needs.  Our assistants will help you accordingly. We use different devices as wheelchairs, PRM minivan, highloaders, electric buggies, etc. 

We can assist you completely from arrival at the airport till departure (or the other way around), but it is also possible to request special assistance for part of your stay at the airport.  We gladly assist you when you want to be helped from your wheelchair in the airplane seat, at the check-in and during the customs passage.

Axxicom Airport Caddy is contracted by Brussels Airport to assists passengers

The special assistance of passengers is free of charge.  Persons who answer one of the specifications hereunder can get assistance:

  •  A passenger not able to stand or walk - this passenger gets an escort from/to his seat in the plane.
  • A passenger who cannot walk long distances.  A passenger who cannot walk long distances  and cannot climb stairs.
  • A blind or low vision passenger
  • A deaf or hard hearing passenger who needs special assistance
  • A mentally disabled passenger

Brussels Airport is responsible for this special assistance at arrival, departure and transfer at Brussels Airport.  Special Assistance can be requested at your airline company, or at your travel agency.  The request must be done at least 48 hours in advance.

Locations and pick-up places

You will be picked up or brought at or to a number of places on Brussels Airport.  This place will be agreed with you.  You can be picked up at or brought to following places:
• Bus station
• Train station
• Taxi stand
• Check-in area
• Departure level
• Car parks (with exception of the car parks outside the airport area)

Parking at Brussels Airport

Information concerning parking availability at Brussels Airport, you find at the website of the airport.

Requesting special assistance

Special assistance can only be requested via your airline company or travel agent. The airline needs to be informed about the special assistance for security reasons.
If you want exceptionally request special assistance on the day of departure, then you can do that in the airport: in de departure hall at the “special assistance desk”, at the check-in of at the call points on the car parks, bus station or train station.